Connectome Browser

I created an online interactive visualisation of the structural connectivity of the human brain, the connectome. This is a lower resolution version (66 brain regions connected by 574 links) of the high-resolution connectome (998 regions, 17865 links), originally mapped and published by Patric Hagmann and colleagues. I worked this dataset during my PhD research (see this paper). Unfortunately the high-resolution dataset is too large for current conventional computers to handle in such a demanding visualisation, but I am hoping to be able to upload that too one day.

Connectome Browser

Other visualisations

The visualisations below were part of the PhD research on the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain (see above), except the top left figure showing the connectome of the macaque monkey (Modha and Singh, 2009). Click on any the images for full size view. For more information, please see my PhD thesis and this paper.

Human structural connectome visualisation.

Macaque structural connectome hierarchical visualisation.
Human structural and functional connectome visualisation.

                                                                                         Human structural connectome visualisation
Hierarchical modular architecture of the human structural connectome.